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Nightmare become reality

So my hubby and I came down this morning for our normal before work walk with Alex. It was still dark so as usual we have flashlights and shine them out to the Swans open water. Only to discover that with the rain and melting they overnighted in the water by thier pens beach. Not that unusual until we got next to the pen to discover a thin layer of ice had froze around them while they slept. This has been my personal nightmare since the water starting freezing. Of course you can imagine I panicked and began crying when my husband pointed out the fact that their heads were moving and looking around at us like we were crazy. My husband started to chip a bit of ice near them and that was what scared them to crash themselves through the ice and back to thier open water. The water beneath them was still open but it was a huge scare for me. When I came down to feed them an hour later, as you can see from the pic, thier open water quickly developed ice after turning off the pumps the day before. So after work today we started the pumps back up. Sure hoping my blood pressure makes it through this winter.

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