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Dogs, Cats &

Other Fun

Animals are God’s children gifted to you to see and feel the good in the world.  Sometimes planned, somethings not, but always full of love and adventure.  We have always had dogs, cats, fish and adopted and feed whoever shows up at our door.  The Farm gives us the venue to enjoy so more each day.


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Dogs, Cats and Other Fun

Dog&Cats Gallery

Meet the Home Crew



Alex came to us at 7 month old in 2016, at a time when we needed him the most.  Recently losing our family Golden Retriever and our son’s German Shepard we were without a big dog for the first time in 20 years.  Although never trained as Therapy Dog, he has been a healing force for our family and close friends.  Daddy’s boy to the core.  He is the sweetest big oaf anyone could ever want.  He loves and wants to meet every human he see’s and has become a pretty good farm dog considering that has come later in life for him.


Isabella (i.e. Bell Bell)

Our mighty Yorkie and “sleep in your own bed” gift to our daughter in 2007.  Bella is a trained Therapy Dog and spent many years visiting nursing homes with our family.  Well into her senior years she has retired from Therapy work and now enjoys following the chickens and bunnies around the farm.  She can still hold her own with the Dogs & Cats, but her favorite pastime is sleeping in the recliner on the softest blankets in the house.



We brought Uli home as a puppy in 2018.  From the same breeder as Alex, we were hoping for the same personality and chillness.  What we got was an autistic, high energy gal that keeps us on our toes everyday.  Her focus toy is the Frisbee.  She will not leave the house without it and could play fetch non stop 24/7 if you’d let her.  It takes time to win her over, but once she trusts you, she is lovable to the extreme.  She does great with Farm animals, but does like to chase the wild bunnies, so we keep working on that.



This handsome Bengal cat was a gift to our Daughter in 2017.  He’s a therapy cat that is completely bonded to her and pretty much just tolerates the rest of us.  He and Uli were besties when Uli was a puppy, but Leo moved back to AZ with my daughter for a few years and when he came back Uli was bigger than he remembered, so it wasn’t quite the same.  Leo is a talker (to my daughter) and listening to them having conversations is always entertaining.  Leo’s favorite activity is bird watching in the sun porch.  It’s so wonderful to have Leo and my daughter back on the farm.



Freya is our beautiful Calico Maine Coon that joined our family in 2019.  We had been looking for a feline friend that could/would play with Uli and boy did we find it in Freya.  True to the breed, she is a big girl, not afraid of anything and loves to play and play tricks.  She is besties with both Leo and Uli.  Top notch boxer of German Shepard’s she keeps us entertained for hours with her silly antics.  She also loves sunning and bird watching, but her favorite pastime by far is throwing things off the counter that Uli will chew up and get in trouble for.

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