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Hidden Springs Farm

The Hidden Springs Farm is our pre-retirement slice of bliss that needs some work but seems to bring us new adventures and discoveries daily.

It’s 5 acres in total with a half-acre pond, an acre orchard of fruit trees, and the most beautiful Birch trees Mother Nature could have grown. There is a half-mile of trails around the property and through the woods so you feel transported to a vacation home with each evening walk. We continue to restore and develop the gardens and outbuildings allowing us to add to our farm family each year.


Feel free to send us an email or a question on any of our projects, we love to share our ideas and get input from others who have done this before us.


About Me

I'm a wife, mother, nature, and animal lover, looking to reconnect with a simpler life on our small farm in Wisconsin. Growing up we were both involved with farms, nature, and good country living. We are so excited to be back in the country as we enter the empty nest stage of our life. We looked at so many little farms and properties, not really knowing exactly what we wanted. Fate definitely played a role in bringing us to this little slice of heaven. We've never been happier and are having so much fun growing and taking on new and renewed hobbies.


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