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Bunnies & Fiber Art

An animal lover at my very core, I’m always looking to add more to our life.  I’ve wanted to take up spinning for years, but wool allergies run in our family, so when I came across spinning with Angora Rabbits I decided to Hop on it! 
This is the newest part of our farm and we have a lot more to learn, but our first three babies Woodrow, Willow and Blossom have us convinced it was the right adventure!


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Who’s In the Bunny House:

Our Rabbits are all Pedigreed German Angora’s.  The breed is known for its significant wool production which needs to be sheared every 90 days.  The Wool is incredibly soft and warm and wonderful to spin. The rabbits are large and very gentle by nature.  They love to play, climb and beg for treats.

Meet our bunnies

Woodrow the Lovable

Being the first man in the house he is setting the precedence for the best fuzzy snuggles.  Woodrow was born March of 2020, with Tortoiseshell coloring and has the softest wool of our whole crew.  He loves to stand on his hind legs and talk with chickens when he’s out in the run and his favorite treat is Calendula Flowers.


Willow the Wacky

Willow is our crazy girl with an attitude.  She is vocal and loves to stamp her feet if doesn’t get what she wants, which is usually more treats than everyone else.  Willow was born in February 2020, her coloring is called Dilute Black, but we call it grey.  Willow has the craziest sideburns so people usually think she’s a boy, but she doesn’t seem to take it personally.  Willow loves to run in circles chasing Blossom and her favorite treat is Parsley.


Blossom the Bashful

Blossom is our prime and proper little girl.  Although not dainty in stature she is shy and demure in personality.  Blossom was born in February 2020 and is a traditional REW (Red Eyed White) German Angora. Her wool is the thickest of our crew and very luxurious.  Blossom loves cuddles, and going nose to nose with Willow.  Her favorite treats are Carrot Greens and Dandelion Flowers.


The Bloom Litter:

On February 11, 2021, Blossom welcomed 6 perfect little Fiber Seeds to the Farm. Four beautiful Albino’s and two adorable Black Torts.  They will all stay with us until they are at least 6 months old and get through their second shearing.  Stay tuned for our Boy/Girl reveal!

Fiber Art

The Spinning Wheel is a lost art that is making a come back. I hand card the wool from my rabbits into "roll eggs". Then slowly feed it into the wheel for a single strand of angora yarn. Our own version of spinning gold.

The rabbits are shaved every 90 days. Here are before and after pics of Woodrow when he was 6 months old. One shearing produces between 7-11oz of angora wool, which can be spun into over 300yds of two-ply yarn.

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